Men worry most about three things – how much money they make, the size of their penises and how to improve their sex drive. There are plenty of sites out there that deal with the first two so this article will tackle how to improve your sex drive. Males are naturally assumed to have high libidos but there are men out there who have very low libidos and for those males, these are the vitamins that can improve your sex drive dramatically.

Vitamin E is often referred to as the sex vitamin because it plays a major role in the production of sex hormones. It improves blood flow which helps achieve arousal.

Several B vitamins are known to help with improving the male libido specifically vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12. Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamin is responsible for the production of energy throughout the body which means it’s essential for maintaining sex drive while vitamins B5 and B6 decrease stress and balance hormone levels. Vitamin B12 on the other hand ensures good reproductive health. Recommended foods rich in the B vitamins include avocados, eggs, salmon and other kinds of fish  – more on

Vitamin A and vitamin C are the two other vitamins crucial in improving a male’s sex drive. Lack of vitamin A is the most common deficiency in men with low libidos so taking vitamin A helps regulate the synthesis of progesterone. Vitamin C is also vital in the synthesis of critical hormones when it comes to improving one’s libido

Not All Penis Pills Are Safe, Not All Work!

Penis pills have long been promoted as the most popular penis enhancement method available en masse. While there are many ineffective products on the market, there are just as many penis pills that work – Link. The single most important reason that effectiveness varies are the actual ingredients used. Many pills use synthetic and dangerous ingredients that increase blood flow, adrenaline and heart rate. These ingredients are not only very dangerous when used for extended periods of time, but they do nothing for building overall penile health. Some ingredients used in safe and proven penis enhancing pills include Asian Red Ginseng and Hawthorn Berry.

Penis pills for increasing size should not be confused with traditional pills which require a prescription. Those pills are used mainly for helping men achieve and maintain erections alone. Penis enhancing pills work by being digested and dispersed through the blood stream in a controlled manner over time. While some side effects exist, any pill that makes you feel extremely dizzy or causes  continued hot and cold flashes should be discontinued.

While penis pills alone are effective, combining them with other methods such as penis extending devices and penis exercises will give increased results.

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