A lot of men get so focused on going for deep penetration, or on that little pearl of a woman’s clit, that they forget, or overlook that there’s other ways a woman that can have an amazing orgasm. Male enhancement products promise longer cock length, that somehow being able to thrust deeper is the solution for a guy’s thought that if they just go faster, deeper, harder they will bring their woman to a screaming orgasm. Despite claims though, there is no proven way to get extra length without painful stretching techniques, or plastic surgery that may not give extra length when the guy is fully aroused. This also ignores the simple fact that length may not be what you need to get your woman to melt underneath you, especially if you are ignoring their internal pleasure centers, their g-spot.

On most women, their G-spot is usually fairly shallow, so you don’t have to have a monster cock in order to maximize their pleasure. If your cock is as long as your fingers, then you can probably reach your woman’s g-spot. So why is it that you aren’t able to give that kind of stimulation with your lover when you are having sex with them? Most likely, it is not your cock’s length, it is the position you take when you have sex. A woman’s g-spot varies from woman to woman, couple that with the fact that men’s cocks curve in different ways mean that standard missionary position may not be the best way to give your woman maximum stimulation.

One of the most fun ways that you can spend an evening of sex is trying as many positions as possible to find the best way to hit your woman’s g-spot. If you ever needed an excuse to have sex in every room in your house, on every available flat, and even not-so flat surface, this is it. This is where some of those male enhancement products can be a very good way of making things more fun and a better experience. Vitamin supplements, herbal supplements like semenax gnc, exercises, even the famous ‘little blue pill’ can both improve your stamina, and speed your recovery times so that you can get back to your fun evening trying out every position you can think of, and many more that you have to look up online.

It doesn’t stop there of course, once you have found the right position and can drive a woman wild by hitting that g-spot every time, that is the time to add variation. For some women, rubbing their clit while you thrust and hit their g-spot will have them cumming in no time flat. Some women will go wild when you combine all sorts of stimulation all while your cock finds their g-spot on every stroke. Then when you’ve taken advantage of the stamina and endurance enhancing products you will find that you will end up with a happy, satisfied woman begging for you to come to them night after night.

The G-Spot For Total Satisfaction